Thursday, May 28, 2015

June Newsletter

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Hey folks!  Welcome to SUMMER!!  Time of crazy vacations, swimming, and total “boredom” all around!
Just a few reminders for voice lessons during the summer.

1.    Lesson times will remain as scheduled.  I have adult students that take lessons, and they can only come after work.  So, I keep everyone in the afternoon and early evening.

2.    If you go on vacation, make sure that you let me know so that we can reschedule your time.  Remember, lessons are NOT made up if you forget a lesson or cancel after the 3 hour grace period.

3.    I will NO LONGER be calling students to remind them that of their lessons.  This means that if you forget, you won’t get a text or call from me, and you will STILL be charged for the lesson time. This also means that you will want to double check lesson times if you aren’t sure of your slot.

Other than that!  I hope that everyone enjoys their summer!!!  Don’t forget June payment is due by the 1st!  Get it to me by the 5th to avoid a late fee!


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