Monday, June 23, 2014

July Newsletter

Whew!! What a whirlwind of a Summer it has been!  It has been so fun hearing about all of your vacations!  It makes me jealous!  Doesn't someone want to take me WITH them??

This newsletter will be short and sweet!


NEXT WEEK (June 30-July 4) is an EXTRA week!  NO LESSONS!!!  That also means that we don't have to worry about make-ups either.

JULY payment is due by the 1st!  Avoid those late fees by sending your payment now!  Contact me with any questions.


I am FINALLY moving!!  If you come to lessons in Utah, note that I will be teaching from a new place starting in July! The address is:
649 E Mutton Hollow Rd

Don't forget and come to my parents' house!  I won't be there!! ;)


Monthly payments are due BY THE 1st of the month!!  A lot of students are "summer slacking" with their payments.  Those late fees pile up fast.  It is $5 PER WEEK that the payment is late!  Don't fall victim to this. Also, remember that students are only offered lesson credits for lessons that I cancel.  Other than that, you can make up the lesson or forfeit the lesson. So:

If I have to cancel a lesson: You get to make up OR credit
If YOU cancel a lesson: You get to make up OR forfeit

Ease Peasy!

I hope that you all are having an awesome Summer!


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