Sunday, November 3, 2013

5th Week- December

What a crazy month it has been!  First of all...

CONGRATS to the Students that made the Arizona All-State Choirs! 5 students for each vocal part- STATE WIDE!!  Yup... 6 of those were YOU GUYS!!!!  BOO YA!

ALSO.. let us NOT forget to congratulate the winners of the UPSCALE SINGERS VOCAL SCHOLARSHIP!!  Again.... 12 spots available... 5 went to you guys!  Do you feel like we are taking over the world??  ;)

And now, for the boring stuff.

NOVEMBER payment is DUE!!!

Don't forget, December payment will only be for THREE weeks, NOT four.  I am using the "5th week" in Oct/Nov as a make up week for my Utah trip at the end of October. Therefore, it will NOT be used for the missing December lesson.

Thanks to everyone for your AWESOME support!  Be sure to come to lessons this week for some CrAzY news!!!  If you miss lessons, be sure to CALL me... I have BIG NEWS!!


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