Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello Folks! 

February was a CRAZY month for a lot of people!  Hopefully, March really will “come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb.”


Thank you to those of you that have already sent in your March payment. I really appreciate your promptness, and my bills appreciate getting paid!  ;) For those that have not gotten the payment in yet, use this as a reminder!  A late fee will be added if I receive it past March 5th! Also, I STILL have not received payment from some of you for February lessons!  At this point, there is a $20 late fee for February lessons.  Please add February payment to your March payment. 


Speaking of March 5th! That is my BIRTHDAY!!! Hooray for getting older! Be gentle with me, for some reason, 36 feels a lot older than 35! But I read the other day that 40 is the new 20!  That makes more sense in my brain since I do ACT like a teenager most of the time!


ALSO, If you noticed, March was scheduled to have an “off week” from the 16th -22nd.   Because February was so crazy, I would like to get some consistency with most of you before we take a week off.  SOOOOO…. I am CHANGING the “off week” to MARCH 31st- APRIL 5th !!!  Mark this on your calendars.  There will NOT be any lessons that week, and we won’t need a make up for that week either.  There will still be 4 lessons in April for most of you and for those that will only have 3 lessons in April, you will have 5 lessons in MAY.  Contact me if you need some clarification on this.  I know that it can be confusing, especially for new students.


Don’t forget that MARCH is the month where the extra $15 music fee is due.  This goes to pay for more music so that we can sing awesome songs!  And, I have a few things just waiting to be purchased and sung!! 

If you have sent your payment already, you can add it to April payment. 


This month I want to remind everyone of the policy about missed lessons. I am VERY lenient with my cancellation policy. You will find that most teachers either require a 24 hour cancellation notice, OR will not offer a make-up lesson at all. My policy goes as follows:

 You MUST give 3 a hour notice of a canceled lesson to qualify for a make up. If you do not give the notice, you do NOT get a make up, you forfeit the lesson.

With the 3 hour notice, you have a CHOICE of a make-up or to forfeit the lesson. Please don’t ask for a credit for multiple lessons that you canceled in the month. Doing so, causes an awkward exchange since it is not fair for me to have to adjust my monthly budget due to your cancellations. Sometimes, the answer is to just forfeit the lesson.

I expect the same from myself. If I cancel lessons, I offer a make up OR a credit.  I am completely prepared to lose income due to my cancelling lessons, and feel that it’s only fair that I offer a credit, especially when the cancelation is short notice.

I understand that emergencies happen and I will take those into consideration on a case by case basis. An emergency would be defined as a death in the family, or a serious medical emergency, a car accident, or things of that sort.  Doctor visits (which should be scheduled AROUND lessons,) Being sick, Being stuck in the city, family photos, school concerts, or other events that would be possible to give 3 hour notice, do NOT constitute an emergency.  

To put it simply, it is not “fair” for me to lose money when I cancel lessons, AND when YOU cancel lessons. Please remember that I rely on lesson money as a form of income to pay my own bills and help feed my family.  Please use the policy as your guide.

YOU cancel- you make-up or you forfeit
I cancel- I offer a make-up or a credit

Communication is the key!  If you find that your lesson time is not working, let’s find a new time!

That does it for March Newsletter!!!  Have a good month!

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Kaysville, UT 84037

**If you read this all the way through, text the word “NEWSLETTER” to me and get a FREE PASS for a $5 late fee!!  **

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