Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Can you believe that another school year has gone by? It's just CRAZY! I know that Summer schedules can get a little hectic with family vacations and such, so let me know if you have any conflicts ASAP.  That way we can get make-ups scheduled and taken care of.


  • June payment is due by the 1st!  There is a $5.00 late fee after the 5th, $10 after the 10th, $15 after the 15th and $20 late fee after the 20th! Do your best to get payments to me on time. If you find that you are going to be late, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  I can usually work something out if I KNOW about it in advance. 

  • Lessons will stay in the afternoons for the Summer.  I have adult students that cannot come until after work, so I need to keep the lessons grouped together. HOWEVER, there are some students that I would like to move to earlier in the afternoon.  I will contact those students separately. 


If you choose to discontinue lessons for longer than 2 weeks, you still owe the full amount for the month of which you cancelled. I will not give refundsIf you choose to stop lessons, you must please provide 30 days PAID notice. All other lessons can be made up.

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